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0803024 - Happy Friday

This is a Pass It On Plate.

It travels from friend to friend, carrying treats and telling a story as it travels.

Click "comments" below to read a special message left for you.

When you're ready to pass the plate on to another friend, load it up with treats, leave a message for your friend in this plate diary, and pass it on again.

Keep it moving - this plate is part of our Plate It Forward™ program.

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Remember to include the name or nickname of the person you are giving the plate to. It's nice to note what's on the plate and the occasion, if any.

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A Pass It On Plate is a ceramic plate that travels from person to person, sharing food gifts and bringing goodies to pot luck dinners.

Each plate has its own tracking number which corresponds to an online Plate Diary.

As people pass their plate from person to person,

they visit our website to read messages left for them by their friends, read about where the plate has been and what it has carried, and they can leave messages to their friends before they pass it on again.

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